About The Summit

To promote the innovation and technology prowess of Indian firms to a global audience and attract maximum FDI in select sectors pertaining to “Make in India”

Recognized as an important player in the global innovation ecosystem, India is aspiring to become “The Destination” as an innovation hub of the world within next few decades. This recognition owes a lot to the technological and innovation advancements that the Indian Industry has made over last two decades, and going forward such recognition is only destined to grow by virtue of the tremendous possibilities that the industry has in store. In short, industry has been successful in shaping India’s innovation movement in the past, and there remains a lot more to explore about industry’s potential to innovate in future.

target Audience
  • International Trade Promotion Bodies
  • Industry Representatives
  • Policy Makers
  • Innovators & Entrepreneurs
  • Start-ups

The primary objective of the event will be to showcase the cutting-edge technology and disruptive innovations/ Business Models from Indian Industry (in the product and service space) that will define and shape future businesses.

Event Benefits
  • Brand cutting-edge technologies and innovations to the world.
  • Communicate to the Government about policy and regulatory issues of the sector.
  • Speak at the platform and address a mix of local and global audience.
  • Showcase technologies and innovations at the exhibition and get an opportunity to live demonstration their applications/utility.
  • Get featured at the event Brand Book to be circulated among key stakeholders in the domestic and international market.
  • Get recognized as innovation driven organizations from India.
  • Wide visibility among industry and Start-ups and other stakeholders.
CII Industrial Innovation Awards 2017 : Awardees
Event Outcomes

Brand India Inc’s superiority in technology and innovation across the globe.

Attract more FDI as mandated by “Make in India” within promising sectors of the economy.

Create a platform for Indian industry to celebrate its innovation and technology Prowess.

Create a mechanism for Government to interact with and address issues of innovative organizations.

Create a channel for foreign trade bodies to tap into Indian innovation ecosystem.

Create a national and global market for Indian industry.