Realising that innovation is the engine for the growth of prosperity and national competitiveness in the 21st century, Ms Pratibha Patil, former - President of India declared 2010 as the ‘Decade of Innovation’.

Towards this end, the Prime Minister set up a National Innovation Council (NInC) under the Chairmanship of Mr. Sam Pitroda, Adviser to the PM on PIII to discuss, analyse and help implement strategies for inclusive innovation in India and prepare a Roadmap for Innovation 2010-2020. NInC was the first step in creating a crosscutting system to provide mutually reinforcing policies, recommendations and methodologies to implement and boost innovation performance in the country. The aim is to herald a mindset change and create a push at the grassroots level so that more and more people in education, business, government, NGOs, urban and rural development engaged in innovative activities are co-opted and are part of shaping the national level innovation strategy.

Taking this forward, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in partnership with National Innovation Council (NInC), Government of India is organized the first two edition of the annual flagship event “Decade of Innovation: India”. The main objective of the event was to provide a national platform to all the major stakeholders of the innovation ecosystem in the country to share their innovation experiences and showcase new innovations.

This event is the one of the largest innovation event in the country with widespread participation from the highest level of government, industry, academia institutions, entrepreneurs, VC’s, media and distinguished delegates from overseas.

In 2011 and 2012 – Report on Industrial Innovation framework was released.

Third edition of the Summit was jointly organized by CII & Hitachi with the theme as “Social Innovation - it’s our future”, to explore the multiple dimensions as a solution for rapid urbanization. With the outset of Make in India campaign, the summit’s focus was also shifted towards setting new horizons for fulfilling the Make in India objective.

The next edition where focused on the new business models and the innovation in the traditional Businesses. The theme of the Summit was “Technology Start-ups for Shaping India’s Future Businesses”, which aims to target the start-ups and future businesses in India, and include many key features to bring a lot of value to the innovation stakeholders starting from Industry to Entrepreneurs to Innovators of this country. The summit included seminal lectures from Global Innovation Gurus and also provide a perspective of India’s entrepreneurial landscape through sharing success stories from founders of some of the successful Indian Start-ups.

This year, the 7th CII Industrial Innovation Summit on 24 -25 October 2017 will be the platform to showcase, emphasize and promote the best of Industrial innovations on a national platform, where the cutting-edge technology and disruptive innovations from Indian Industry, in the product and service space, will be celebrated among domestic and international stakeholders. This will provide a foundation to observe and evaluate the new and existing opportunities that awaits India’s future businesses.

Taking a leap forward in this direction and for enhancing the contribution of Indian Industry towards strengthening the national innovation system, CII is already running “CII Industrial Innovation Award” for last 3 consecutive years to recognize and award Indian Industry across segments and sectors, and to benchmark them against the top performers. The Industrial Innovation Summit will be an exciting platform to bring forth some of these top-notch innovations cultivated by Indian industry, and proclaim to the world India’s existing prowess in Industrial Innovation and its future prospects.

The Industrial Innovation Summit will consist of sectoral sessions (Smart Cities, Digital, Healthcare & Life sciences, Defence, Energy & Power, Manufacturing, and Robotics & Gaming) and exhibitions spanned across two days where each sector will be represented by industry with leading technologies and disruptive innovations/ Business Models.

Each of these sectoral sessions and exhibitions would be created to make a declaration to the world about the innovation prowess Indian industry possesses. This would entail attracting the best in class industry research, innovation and offerings and exposing them to a global audience.


The LaLiT New Delhi Barakhamba Avenue, Connaught Place, New Delhi-110001

Date and Time

October 24th - 25th, 2017 8.15 AM - 5.30 PM

CII Industrial Innovation Awards 2017 : Awardees
Event Outcomes

Brand India Inc’s superiority in technology and innovation across the globe.

Attract more FDI as mandated by “Make in India” within promising sectors of the economy.

Create a platform for Indian industry to celebrate its innovation and technology Prowess.

Create a mechanism for Government to interact with and address issues of innovative organizations.

Create a channel for foreign trade bodies to tap into Indian innovation ecosystem.

Create a national and global market for Indian industry.